Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do I need any experience to start these sessions?”

No. No experience is necessary!

  • “Do I need any special equipment or gear to start training?”

The only thing beginners need is the drive to work hard and better themselves. (a bottle of water wouldn’t hurt either!) Protective gear is recommended after the first couple of weeks of training once a solid foundation has been built. We sell all manner of fight gear in-house.

  • “What is the minimum age my kid(s) needs to be in order to start training?”

Six years old is our minimum starting age, although we have accepted as young as five if they are capable of following the coach’s instructions.

  • “I have a bad hip/knee/shoulder/neck/etc…, can I start training?”

If you have preexisting medical issues that might get in the way of practicing martial arts the best we could recommend is check with you doctor and see if they can clear you for activity. We have no problem modifying our programs for those who require it.

  • “do i have to sign up first or can i try a class?”

Anyone can take a trial class or purchase a trial package before making a commitment. You can request a trial through our contact us page or call at 519-977-4466.

  • “I just want to take a self defense class. do you offer them?”

Self defense is a HUGE part of what we do and the martial arts in general. The term “self defense” is thrown around a lot these days and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to learn a few tricks and feel safe? The reality is whether you’re preparing for a kickboxing match or walking home alone, if you have to fight then you should be as prepared as possible. Unfortunately, one session is never enough. There is no quick fix, or magical pressure point technique that can ensure an untrained individual would be able to quickly and effectively subdue or escape and aggressive assailant. That’s why we offer as many classes as we can and do what we do. We strive to empower everyone to stand tall and be fierce when the situation demands it.